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Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Women with short hair are always searching for options to have a new look. It takes a great deal of time and patience to grow hair to some length and even then, some women do not have thick, healthy hair that will grow long and have a nice appearance. Fortunately, hair extensions for short hair are an excellent alternative. There are permanent options as well as those that are temporary. For those who wish to experiment, choosing something relatively inexpensive and short-term, that can be removed, is the best route. However, if a woman discovers that she loves her look with extensions, she may choose a more costly option or something that will be long lasting. The choice is up to the woman. Luckily, choice is the name of the game for consumers and there are many products and companies who have something that will work for everyone when it comes to hair extensions for short hair.

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Cheap Hair Extensions

When a woman wants cheap hair extensions, especially when she is trying them for the first time and isn’t sure if she’ll be happy or not, clip in hair extensions are a great way to go. They aren’t permanent, don’t take a great deal of time or effort, and are less expensive. Using a variety of clip in hair extensions is a wonderful way to have self expression as women spice life up a bit with new colors and alternate curly with straight hair. is an excellent source for clip in hair extensions. Consisting of Indian Remy hair on this website, they are less costly than human hair extensions and yet the colors are vibrant and the appearance is extremely authentic and natural as can be clearly seen by the models posted on their site. extensions is another site which offers synthetic hair extensions with clips or tape-in alternatives. This website also gives ladies the option to dress their locks with beads and feathers to go all the way with an entirely new appearance. In addition to offering prices that are competitive and actually lower than many others, they also offer excellent tips concerning care to preserve hair extensions and help women to get their money’s worth.

Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

For the women who knows what she wants with hair extensions and is looking for the most realistic look, human hair extensions are the choice for her. This method tends to be more costly but will provide women with the real deal. is one good resource for those who prefer authentic hair while is considered one of the best with a broad selection of assorted, natural colors of human hair at varying lengths. Women can have those trailing tresses and the volume that they have always dreamed of having. There is also the option to choose hair that has been colored in wild shades such as magenta or blue to really make a splash. Many prefer contrasts and choose a selection of extensions in different shades to provide the appearance of highlighting or tinting. Those with blonde hair may choose brown or black extensions for a dramatic effect or vice versa. This site offers many different brands of hair extensions, including extensions and hair pieces sponsored by Jessica Simpson. The hair pieces offer yet another solution for women with short hair who long for a different look. They can choose a fall of bangs, ponytails of different lengths, or hair that is attached to a headband and looks so realistic that others will be full of envy. One of the greatest advantages of trying any of these products is their versatility. A girl may love her short hair but be bored. Hair extensions allow her to explore her options. If she loves it enough, she’s likely to gave the patience to let her hair grow out. Extensions are wonderful for a special occasion such as prom or a wedding when a girl truly wants to make an entrance and stand out for a day or evening.

Procedure for Hair Extensions

A woman can attempt to do her own hair extensions or allow a friend to help but a professional stylist is most likely to do an attractive job in which extensions will stay put, be spaced evenly, and have that more natural appearance that most girls are longing to have. Temporary methods include using clip in extensions or bonding glue to attach extensions along with the roots of a woman’s own hair. Both of these alternatives are easily removed with a special glue remover for the bonded hair. There are other extension options that are considered long-term. Weaving is a very popular route. A type of track is made on the head and the extensions are then attached by sewing them on. This is definitely a method that is best performed by a professional. Fusion, another method that is meant to endure, involves using glue to attach the extensions to the person’s original hair. Braiding is another technique in which the strands of hair in the extensions and the woman’s own hair are braided together using different forms of creative braiding. There is a broad range in pricing for extensions. The extensions themselves could begin under $50 and add up to $100′s of dollars. Add the price of having a skilled beautician do the job and a woman could pay thousands.

Proper Care for Extensions

If a woman goes through the time, effort, and cost of having hair extensions, there are a few tips to remember. Proper care is necessary if they are going to last. Primarily, women should choose hair that is similar in weight and texture to their own. If they choose heavier extensions, they will damage their own hair. Choosing lighter extensions will create an odd appearance where the two kinds of hair do not blend well. Choosing human hair, while more expensive, provides the most flexibility as women can wash, brush, and dry it in the same manner as they would their own. They should keep in mind that human hair comes in different grades. They should choose the best if they want quality. Synthetic options will be ruined if treated with heat such as blow dryers or curling.

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